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Cablevision Settlement

If You Currently Subscribe to Cablevision

Cable Television Services, or If You Subscribed at Any Time

Since April 30, 2004,

You Could Benefit from a Class Action Settlement.

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Settlement Agreement


Claim Form Current

Claim Form Former

pdf_icon2Bashian Declaration

pdf_icon2Cebulash Declaration

pdf_icon2Dubanevich Declaration

pdf_icon2Hedlund Declaration

pdf_icon2Kohn Declaration

pdf_icon2Paradis Declaration

pdf_icon2Saltzman Declaration

pdf_icon2Sorensen Declaration

pdf_icon2Weinstein Declaration

pdf_icon2Memorandum in Support of Plaintiffs’ Motion for an Award of Attorneys Fees, Expenses and Class Representative Service Awards

pdf_icon2Plaintiffs’ Notice of Motion for an Award of Attorneys Fees, Expenses and Class Representation Service Awards

pdf_icon2Proposed Order

pdf_icon2Exhibit 1

pdf_icon2Exhibit 2

pdf_icon2Exhibit 3

pdf_icon2Exhibit 4


pdf_icon2Exhibit 5

pdf_icon2Exhibit 6

pdf_icon2Exhibit 7


pdf_icon2Exhibit 8

pdf_icon2Exhibit 9

pdf_icon2Exhibit 10

pdf_icon2Exhibit 11

pdf_icon2Exhibit 12

pdf_icon2Filed Azari

pdf_icon2Filed Brief

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