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Marchbanks v. Comdata, 07-cv-01078; Ceridian v. Universal Delaware, 09-cv-02327 (E.D. Pa.)

We represented a class of over 6,500 independent truck stop operators and other refueling facilities in this antitrust class action alleging that the largest issuer and processor of truck fleet cards engaged in monopolistic conduct. This long-running antitrust lawsuit settled for $130 million plus valuable prospective relief that rolled back much of the conduct Plaintiffs had challenged as anticompetitive.  The settlement of the case against Comdata, Inc. (“Comdata”), the leading trucker fleet payment card issuer, its corporate parent, Ceridian LLC (“Ceridian”) and three national truck stop chains was approved by the Hon. James Knoll Gardner of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on July 14, 2014.

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